Even superheroes wear pants- Liverpool Jeans


 Even Superheroes Wear Pants –Mother’s Day with Liverpool Jeans


Superheroes wear pants. Yes, as mothers, we have superpowers that we use everyday through love, sacrifice, dedication, multi-tasking, and the list goes on. It’s called, motherhood.

The best job in the world. This is what we do and who we are but how do you stay you when we are giving to our babies all day long?

It’s a balance and for me a hard one, but I am learning. Self-care helps me find balance so I don’t lose myself. There are days when I am so sleep-deprived, I run on sugar and caffeine to keep going, the kids fight, the house is a mess and it can feel like a bad day. Through all of that, I am the anchor, the captain of this ship and I have to steer all of us. I try to not let those hard days get the best of me, and if my experience can help you at all, here are five ways I get it done:

1. I try to still get in some good fuel in my body, it always runs more efficient. I carry apples and oranges, healthy snacks for all of us and drink lots of water. I may not have time to make my green smoothie for the kids but I try to get some nutrients in.

2. I’ve also found that good music and playing with my kids, really get down on their level and play, like tumbling and giggling with them puts me back in the place of what matters and why am giving so much to to them rather than myself. It’s a true reward to connect and interact with them like this, feels so good.

3. I try to take a 5 minute breather. I’ll do some easy breathing and yoga stretches to help clear my mind. I’ll give the kids a snack and toys and or a show and step out of the room if I can. It’s like hitting the reset button.

4. Don’t be afraid to rely on your support system. I feel grateful for my husband Thomas. He knows when I need just 15 minutes to chill, power nap or take a nice bath. Those things rejuvenate me so fast and get me back ready for action. I’ll also call my mom to come over and help. It’s okay to ask for help when you need it.

5. Last, but not least– my wardrobe. Feeling fresh is important to me because I do like to keep my style fun AND comfortable at the same time. Comfy is key. At any moment I need to be able to play and run around with my babies, and still keep my sense of style. The fit and feel of Liverpool is perfect for me. These looks stay flattering from wear to wear, day to night. Check out some of my favorite pieces from them:




Feathered: Liverpool Crop

Liverpool Skinny

Liverpool denim skirt and Moto Jacket

Taking a pro photo solo and easy editing tips


Most of you probably do not know I take all my photos with my iPhone and when Thomas (my hubby) is not around to take them for me, I have a super easy way to take them myself. Here’s how I do it!



Step 1

choose a area that has good natural light to creat your photo shoot. If you can, try to avoid direct sunlight.


step 2

I create a homemade tri pod like stand that gives you the angle you’re looking for. I usually use a stool or a chair then grab an object you can lean your phone on like a candle, water bottle or lotion. You want something that weighs enough to hold up your phone.




Step 3

Set your phone to video and start recording (tip: make sure your camera lens is whiped clean) then prop your phone up and make sure you have it pointed in the right direction and angle. Now, do your thing in front of the camera, have fun with it and get creative! After all, no one is watching ;) In this case, I did a headstand with my little 18 month boy River. I got in my pose, laughed with river, moved around in the pose a bit then press stop when you’re finished.  My total vid was about one minute thirty seconds. 





Step 4

Watch your video then when see the best moment captured press pause. Now, you want to screen shot that moment. With my iPhone I have to tap the screen to get the play symbol/overlay to go away so the entire screen is just the photo, like bellow. Take a screen shot, now you’re ready to edit.




Step 5

i use the app VSCO to edit all my photos. It has a nice selection of filters with options to purchase more. My personal favorite are the the numbers like 7 and the A category like A6. Import your photo into VSCO, put your preferred filter on the photo. You can adjust the strength of the filter with the bar down below if needed then I adjust my exposure. I usually always brighten my photo. I then play around with the temperature, I usually warm it up a bit then sharpen it to right amount you think looks good. 


There you go! You should have photo that looks professional and ready to post! How did it turn out? I would love to see your photos, tag me on Instagram @sheandwolf.

i find that I get multiple photos and when it involves my kids, I capture real moments because you feel like the camera is not even rolling. 

Have fun with it and let me know if you have any questions.