Thomas and Jessica moved to New York City in 2009 to pursue their modeling career.  In between casting and jobs they visited all the local thrift stores.  They loved the hunt for that perfect vintage piece.  After they filled their small apartment with wonderful vintage finds, Thomas and Jess opened an online vintage boutique.  

New York thrift stores have it all and there was no shortage of gently used designer jeans.  Buying all the best jeans, they packed their bags full and headed home on the busy streets of NYC.   Like 10 circus clowns on one bike, Thomas and Jess  navigated through the sea of taxis, pedestrians and road construction.   

Thomas and Jessica began to sell designer jeans. Then, one day they had the idea to specialize their product.  They designed a belly panel to sew onto the pants and began to sell UPCYCLED DESIGNER MATERNITY JEANS.

We have continued our business here in our new location, beautiful Montana where we are raising a small family surrounded by mountains and nature.

All our products are taken care with love. We have a passion for what we do and hope you fall in love with our product too! 

You can find weekly vintage updates on instagram @sheandwolf, maternity jean updates @sheandwolfmama and on here at our BLOG!