~~~ Mermaid Waves ~~~

I feel extremely blessed to  have learned a lot about skincare & haircare during my modeling days in NYC, I had some amazing stylists that gave me natural and easy tools to having strong, healthy hair. Today, I woke with these beautiful waves and here's how-

Step 1. Take a boar + synthetic bristle brush and brush your hair from the root to the ends, this will help take all the natural oil from your hair and condition your hair, naturally. If you shower before bed let your hair air dry for awhile. Before you go to bed make a nice, easy braid from the base of your scalp all the way till the end of your hair. I like to spray my hair with a little water if it's not already a little damp.  Then, I pin my bangs back to keep oil of my face at night.

Step 2. Rise and shine! Whether you shower in the morning or you did the night before, keep the braid in as long as you can. When you're ready to style, take the braid out and barely separate the waves with your fingers. Try not to brush your hair, this will only make the waves come out, if you need to just do the top layer very gently.

Step 3. Use a Moroccan Argan Oil to add a shine from top to ends, use a little bit because it goes really far. I like Acure Oil, its natural & feels really nice. That's it, try it and let me know what you think! Enjoy little mermaids!  xx, Jess