Energizing Deep Breathing Yoga Routine

Hey everyone! Here is a quick and easy energizing deep breathing routine you can do anytime of the day. If you find yourself needing a quick pick me up or just need some time to chill, this will do the trick!

Step 1. Find a quiet spot where you can relax. Sit up nice and tall or let yourself lean up aginst a wall or chair, wherever you feel comfortable.

Step 2. Take a big inhale through your nose, start to reach your arms up over your head, exhale while bringing your arms down, placing your palms on your thighs.

Step 3. Close your eyes, take a big inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Repeat 9 more times. Once you're done gently open your eyes and your done! If you have more time, you can experiment with a few stretches, maybe reach down to the ground with one arm then the other to get a nice stretch in your sides or go into a yoga routine!

Let me know what you think! Enjoy! xxx Jess